Meet the Team

Carly Turner

Owner, Registered Massage Therapist

Carly’s technical approach to massage is grounded in wanting to know the why’s behind her client’s pain, not just that there is pain. By asking specific questions, Carly aims to learn more about the root cause rather than only focus on the symptom(s) of the pain so that she can tailor both treatment and home care exercises, all the while helping her clients make a better body-mind connection.  

Staying active is important to Carly and this is reflected in her promotion of health, starting with body awareness and ending with self-care. Whether giving a therapeutic or TMJ massage, Carly is precise about the muscles she works on, the methods she uses, the open communication she encourages, and the depth of pressure she applies – all in an effort to uncover what might be contributing and how best to resolve a client’s concern(s). Believing that phrases like deep pressure and no pain, no gain have become overused and abused in and outside of her industry to the point where “more pain is believed to ‘always’ produce a better outcome and anything less than deep pressure means we are a ‘wimp’ or not fixing things, paints a very unfair picture that few can live up to – both of the therapist and the client.” On the contrary, Carly believes that working with the muscles is key and context is everything. No one’s health is cookie-cutter (and it shouldn’t be!) so educating and empowering her clients to trust their own health experiences and learn how to talk about and advocate for those experiences is vital. After all, no one else is living in that body but you.