The three pillars of a great treatment plan
Asessment, Treatment, and Homecare

The assessment is an incredibly useful tool. Information gathered before each massage about your health history and habits, combined with our qualified observations of any obvious signs and symptoms such as your current level of pain and range of motion, will result in a more effective overall treatment plan 

Treatments pick up where the assessment leaves off and while no two treatments are the samecommunication here is as important as the assessment itself. In addition to monitoring how your muscles are reacting, feedback during your massage can help us adjust the pressure and techniques used and find patterns in how and why pain appears.  If work on sensitive areas is required, we’ll always ask for your consent before continuing and be happy to explain why we work on them.   

The road to better health doesn’t end with your treatment or at our doors. We believe it’s important to also play a role in helping to educate and empower you on your personal health journey. Part of that is to customize your homecare; which is exactly what it sounds like; care that is done at home. Extend the benefits of your last massage with targeted homecare designed to sustain the effects of your last massage. Theralleve will demonstrate and provide you with simple stretches and movements you can do on your own time and comfort level. 

Therapeutic Massage

Pain Relief / Pain Management

Therapeutic Massage focuses on specific areas of pain or discomfort you’re experiencing. With your feedback and our objective and extensive knowledge, Theralleve will provide you with an assessment and comprehensive treatment plan. During your treatments we monitor how your muscles are reacting and adjust the pressure and techniques accordingly; the goal being reduced pain, improved mobility, and better overall health.

Perfect if you suffer as a result of 

  • a desk job 
  • work involving repetitive motion 
  • back pain 
  • headaches  
  • hip problems 
  • foot problems 
  • poor posture 
  • sports injuries 
  • menopause 
  • aging 

You’ll benefit from 

  • pain relief 
  • mood enhancing endorphin release 
  • reduced stress and anxiety 
  • lower blood pressure 
  • increased lymph flow  
  • immune system boost 


$90 for 60 minutes
$125 for 90 minutes

TMJ (D) Temporomandibular Joint (Dysfunction) 

Jaw Pain/Dysfunction

The three pillars of a great treatment plan: Assessment, Treatment and Homecare  

TMJD is a dysfunction of the jaw  including the joint itself and/or surrounding muscles  and can affect people in different ways. Often influenced by posture, how the body behaves at rest and at work can influence both internal (stress, psychological) and external (mobility, flexibility) responses. These responses can alter the orientation and function of the jaw which can create habits of compensation or other conditions, often leading to pain. TMJ massage aims to increase mobility, decrease pain, and create better body awareness. A TMJ massage pulls together information about contributing life factors and clinical assessment to form the basis for appropriate treatment and homecare.  


Availability to be determined

People Who Suffer 

  • Actors   
  • Singers 
  • Musicians who play mouth instruments  
  • Athletes who wear mouth guards 
  • Individuals who wear braces/mouth appliances/everyday retainers 
  • Teeth grinders from stress  
  • Individuals who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents or have had concussions 
  • Migraine sufferers


  • Pain during eating or when yawning 
  • Pain in the morning or the evening (sometimes both)  
  • Ringing in ears 
  • Stiffness trying to open jaw 
  • Difficulty chewing 
  • Tenderness around cheeks/jaw  
  • Headaches 
  • Hearing a clicking or popping sound when opening mouth 
  • Neck, back, shoulder pain – often poor posture can have a negative impact on body/jaw alignment resulting in pain and/or discomfort 

Additional Information 

  • A Licenced Massage Therapist provides therapy to relieve pain but CANNOT give official medical diagnosis.  
  • Doctors/Dentists/Chiropractors/Physical Therapists can recommend massage therapy as part of your treatment and are more qualified to give you a medical diagnosis