Why massage in a tough economy?

Sure, it’s a tough economy out there. People are more stressed than ever. There’s a financial crisis, a mental health crisis, and an opioid crisis. People are over-worked, over-prescribed and their wallets are shrinking. 

People are in real pain.  This is our why.

But, people need affordable, quality lasting pain relief now more than ever It is not a luxury when you are dealing with pain. This is real therapy.

You need real therapy

Massage is an ancient therapy, and while nearly every other massage service offers general relaxation as the end result, we are serious about offering much more than that. Theralleve is partnering with doctors,  dentists, and mainstream healthcare, to provide the muscular and tissue care and repair that is needed for total body pain relief. We are also about educating the client about how and why they may be causing themselves and their body pain. 

Each massage is a customized massage which is why our menu of services is simple. You just choose how long you’d like your treatment to be, explain to your therapist where it hurts, and you get a targeted therapy for what you need.

“But…massage is expensive” 

But…can you afford to be in pain?  You can’t. 

Massage is cheaper and healthier than relying on prescriptions and surgeries and other expensive healthcare. You are saving money in the short run and the long run. 

Theralleve is affordable  

Theralleve wants to eliminate the barriers and change the perceptions that massage is merely a luxury for those that can afford it. We want our prices to match the value in your improved quality of life with the constraints of our current Alberta economy. This is obvious because nearly all other massage clients pay with insurance benefits – but those that don’t have insurance that covers massage…they believe they can’t afford it. That’s why we’ve priced our services to be accessible to those outside insurance without compromising the quality of the therapy. We want to be affordable to self-employed people, stay-at-home parents, workers, seniors, and students. We want to emphasize that we are a clinic, we provide real pain benefit not froo froo only for luxury massage. 

“But I don’t want it to feel too sterile and clinical

Don’t worry, while we are not a spa – we still feel like one. When we asked clients what the ideal massage experience would be for them, they all said the same thing. A beautiful tranquil environment, but one they could afford. So, we listened. 

Minutes from downtown, we are located in historical Inglewood, in a fantastic character building above The Apothecary at the “Wellness on 9th” collective space We’ve renovated our therapy rooms with fresh new beautiful décor, new sheets, and new furniture, so our customers can have that clean, fresh wonderful spa experience. 

And we have lots of free parking – another perk for you. 

it’s all in our name.

Therapy + alleviating pain

We want you to remember that when you’re in pain – 
We are here, and we can help you.